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Podcast Our new podcast RAYGUN Talks is now up and running and we welcome Jude onto our first episode. Jude first showed with RAYGUN in September 2012. Jude is a visual artist with a focus on the changing terrains of inland Australia including the history… Read More

End of the Beginning

Contributing artists include; Locust Jones Au, David Serisier Au, Ulla Pedersen Dk, Louise Blyton Au, Margaret Roberts Au, Will Cooke Au, Aaron Martin AU, Stuart Fineman Usa, Gyles Ryder Au/Thailand, Kyle Jenkins AU, Andrew Christofedes Au, Joe Wilson Au, Linda Arts Nd, Robbie Fraser NZ,… Read More

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The opening night was spent with our beautiful supporters who’ve been with us from the beginning. Showing works contributed by the artists who have worked with us over the past 7 years has made for such a rich show. Thank you to you all for… Read More

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Werner Windisch Opening Night

Friday night at RAYGUN was the opening of Werner’s show. A collection of monochrome paintings made on found cardboard packing boxes, the works hang from walls like a series of transparent colour fields. The interplay between the discarded object and finely worked painting reiterates the… Read More

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Queer theory / Identity Politics / Visual Art / Aesthetics and Culture / Social Science / Critical Studies / Philosophy / Environment and Sustainability / Literature / Mythology / Colonial History / Decoloniality / Intersectionality These are the topics of discussion underway at RAYGUN PROJECTS,… Read More