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We’re super happy to be participating in the project ‘An Act of Showing’ in Melbourne, which is a material conversation about artist-runs and ‘place’. A number of artists run spaces have been asked to contribute a work that best represents their project space. Each work… Read More

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Vinson Valega

We met Vinson Valega (fondly known as Vins) through Sharon Louden during her book launch/trip to Toowoomba. We are feeling the need to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing human and musician. We are thrilled and are feeling need to share. I have included links… Read More

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Stephan Moore Cont.

We always ask our artists a few questions in regards to their shows with us and their practices. Here is our dialogue with Stephan 1. What ideas are you examining though your exhibition at RAYGUN? I am interested in systems that we take for granted… Read More