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‘In The Flat Field’ Jeffrey Cortland Jones

This is a wonderful show by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. The work is incredible. See below for more information.

apprehending then releasing
the resistance of a color then surrendering to it a hard edge as it softens

the slight peeking that come from covering and layering that space between the wall and object
when shallow and deep appear the same
what its like to look through the fog

when a mostly matte surface shifts to a little tinge of gloss that hangs out at the edge that place between misplacing and finding
how white can be both warm and cool at the same time
when you find that correcting is making it worse

the moment when a stable stack is on the verge of collapse when contemplation breaks down and you go for it

  1. What ideas are you examining though your exhibition at Raygun?

The work at Raygun is a continuation of ongoing research…but smaller in scale.  This exhibition has given me the freedom to be looser and make work not so precious.

  1. What are the ideas that surround your work/your practice?

I really interested in building up and taking back down.  Layering and covering past decisions.  I am interested in the shifting subtlety of color.

  1. What are your influences/other interests?

My work has varied and vast influences.  Visually; Fergus Feehily, Ian Kiaer, Andrew Bick, Gordon Moore, Ron Buffing ton, the quilts of Gee’s Bend, and Denyse Schmidt to start. Sonically; the Smiths, the XX, the Cure, the Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, Soft Kill, Skeleton Hands, the Dead Kennedys, Silverstein, Thursday.  Other influences are without pause; the way skateboarding affects its physical environment.  It’s the way hard concrete ledge softens after it has been skated.  Or the painted marks left on a handrail from a skateboard sliding down it. Or the grimy marks drawn on the wall from a wall ride. Graffiti/tagging is also a major component to my practice.  Not the act of making but rather the battle that takes place between artists and the officials.  I get excited to see how tags get buffed out and painted over…and how the color used to cover is never correct.



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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.

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