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I WILL DRAW ANYTHING WITH ANYONE, a homage to Steve Lambert


I set up this table in RAYGUN. When people approach I offer to draw with them about whatever they would like. If they don’t know what they want to draw about I keep a list of questions such as:

– how about this weather?

– what have you been up to lately?

– Whats your favorite color, I have a pen/pencil in that color?

– what are you doing after this?

– how are things?

This formula has led to drawings with all kinds of strangers on topics. The table is very popular.

Of course, you can do this yourself.

Stop by the table while you’re in downtown Toowoomba today we are right behind phat burgers. I will be there every weekday (M-F) for the rest of the month of July from 12 – 3.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my homage to Steve Lambert,

Samuel Peck

Resident Artist

RAYGUN gallery

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