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Linoleum-Cut Lovers

Hello everybody,

Here is the linoleum cut printing process from start to finish in a little over 5 minutes by Bill Fick. As you may or may not know I am a printmaker myself  He is a Visiting professor at Duke University in North Carolina and an all around generous  artist, and teacher. I had the pleasure of visiting his studio in early 2010 and receiving some kind words and a critique of my ideas. recently he was also a professor of printmaking at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and all of his fellow students recommended him to me while I went through the Masters of Fine Arts program at UNCG. I was a little anxious upon first but Bill has a very welcoming an easy-going personality which made everything easier and opened up the dialogue between us in a great way.

During the video above you don’t get the chance to see much but his work, but the work should speak for itself. I truly enjoy how his ink drawing so truthfully comes through in the printing and although the drawing speaks of a wild personality stepping outside the confines of western fine art the craftsmanship of the artist is evident in how he works from start to finish with the end product in mind. You watch as he coats his linoleum with gesso for a clear contrast between the drawn pencil and is linoleum. Then he moves to cut out plate size according the to the size of his paper 30″ x 22″. Next you watch as he centers the drawn image in the middle of the plate so a sense of balance is achieved in the final image. I could continue to walk you through this but my take may be different from yours. In the end I see years of practical research layed out in this video as both a teaching tool and a peek at a Master Printer.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do,

Samuel Peck – resident artist

RAYGUN Project space & Gallery

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