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Dr Irene Amos

Yesterday I received news that my first ever artistic mentor Dr Irene Amos passed away. I so often think of her when making work and the times I went to summer schools and work shops with her along with her dedicated students. She loved her students and some of them she called her own. She taught me to express my true self through my work. Irene was loud, dominating, foucused, dedicated, loyal, scarey, courageous, sensitive, honest and above all unforgettable. Thank you Irene. Tarn x
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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.


  1. Jan

    Hey Tarn
    I have just learned about Irene, too, and will miss her deeply. We still miss you too.
    Jan S

  2. TARN

    Hi Jan
    Great to hear from you.
    Would love to catch up with you and the girls.
    I will see if sending this email to you will display your address so I can keep in contact with tou via my address otherwise my private address is if you have time.
    Hope all good with you.
    Tarn x

  3. Hello. Irene did her MCA under me whilst I was professor and head of the School of Creative Arts in Wollongong. She remained a deeply loved friend, and I’m very glad I was able to visit Australia a couple of years ago and still find some of that special sparkle and wit still there! In every way, Irene was an inspired and inspiring person….I can’t find the words to say how much her not being here will hit my wife and I. BUT we have a couple of fine pieces of Irene’s work in olur home and a fund of memories of a magnificent woman, larger than life….easy to love in every way…


    (Professor Edward Cowie)

  4. Julie Hosking

    Irene nurtured and loved me from the first Summer School i experienced at Armidale University[1979] until her demise.I came from another state ,but distance was no object to her devotion and commitment. How privileged could one be,thirty four years of her dedicated input and nurture.Now, how to do her justice She gave a path to someone who was not aware,not knowing what to do with their inner life.Always felt that I was “one of her own”

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