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A few of my favourite magazines, by Sarah Ryan.


Hello, it’s Sarah Ryan here.  Ali and Tarn have invited me to contribute to this blog over the next month so I thought I’d tell you about some of my favourite things over the month… and I thought that I’d start off with magazines.  I love magazines and I would buy so many if I could!  I’ve edited down my very long list to just 3!

mono.kultur – mono.kultur (current issue pictured above) is a really exciting Berlin-based independent publishing project that I’m really thrilled to be a part of.  Each issue of mono.kultur is dedicated exclusively to one artist from the various genres in culture, such as fine art, music, film, literature, etc. Every issue consists of one very long and in-depth question/answer interview – no more no less. Carefully edited and designed, mono.kultur give a focused selection of artists the time and space that they deserve. Previous issues have featured artists as diverse as Miranda July, Tilda Swinton, Dries van Noten, David Shrigley, the Wu-Tang Clan and David LaChapelle amongst others.  If you haven’t come across mono.kultur yet you can buy issues and subscriptions here.  And you can also fill out a mono.survey for the chance to win a year’s subscription!

032c – I don’t subscribe to many magazines but this one that I definitely subscribe to.  032c is another great publishing project out of Berlin.  Here’s what they say and I couldn’t explain it any better – “032c is a contemporary culture magazine that fiercely believes in the intelligence of its readers, and rises to the challenge of surprising them.  Published twice a year, it is both timely and timeless – a celebration of and for the most cutting-edge in art, culture and fashion.”  This is such a super interesting magazine.  I totally recommend this one!

Dumbo Feather – “Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people.” I really wanted to add an Australian magazine to the mix too.  This is a magazine that I also subscribe to and the above really says it all – it’s a magazine with stories about extraordinary people!

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