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In May RAYGUN will be showing video work by Danish artist Honey Biba Beckerlee. Ali and I watched the video DIPLOTOPIA this morning and were seriously wowed. Here are some words from Honey about her work.

Diplotopia takes its point of departure in the American magazine Whole Earth Catalog (1968-’71) and their belief in the revolutionary potential of Nasa’s first image of the globe from 1967. The photograph became the outset for the aesthetics of the magazine and in a later issue (Fall ’70), a pastiche of this very picture made the cover.The title ‘Diplotopia’ is a combination of utopia and diplopia, which means double vision, and by unfolding the ideologies and images from the magazine, the video plays out a science-fiction scenario wherein the revolutionary potential of the photograph(or was it actually the pastiche photograph?) came to have an impact on the world which has led to a whole different society from the one we know today.Image

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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.

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