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Falling Down

Yesterday I flew to Sydney for the day to do some ‘businessing’ for Ocre Designs and co-ordinated the trip with my supervisor Kyle Jenkins exhibition opening at MOP Gallery, 2/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale. This is a new body of work for Kyle and I loved what I saw. The essay below is from the MOP website and the show will be up for a month if you get the chance to swing by and check it out. Great space, great show, great people, great fun. Tx


Falling Down

Kyle Jenkins

In this solo exhibition for MOP, Kyle Jenkins has created a new body of work that involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of various relationships between conceptualised and physical interpretations of space. The conceptual foundation for the work is the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway on Saturday, December 6, 1969, where various interpretations of space collapsed into chaotic and evolving forms of activity. Thus the composition of the work produced for this show is a procedure of sampling and layering images and space, through the collaged, the overlapped and the fractal. This has created a strategy where the work as a whole is a series of relational forms or fields of opportunities rather than separate and limited objects, and thus creates a system of references, hybrids, negotiation and reinterpretations from work to work, image to image.

‘In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. They were the only people who were strong and together. [They had to protect the stage] because it was descending into absolute chaos’

Sam Cutler (Rolling Stones’ road manager)

Kyle Jenkins is an Australian artist who uses paintings, collages, photographs, objects, Marquette’s, books, films, wall paintings and works on paper as a way of expanding upon the aesthetic possibilities of structures and how these are a way of examining the world as a series of abstract representations, compositions and constructions. He is the Coordinator of Visual Art at the University of Southern Queensland, and has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally most recently in Mexico, Germany, Brussels and the USA. He is represented by Galerie Kant (Copenhagen) and Minus Space (New York).

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