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  • Last night we had the opening of Lee Walton’s show. We had a mixed crowd consisting of those who participated in his project, and those who didn’t. We woke him early in his North Carolina home while his family slept to ask him questions and generally have him in our space as much as we could. Thanks Lee. A & T xx
    Raygun Lab


  • Lee Walton


  • Raygun Lab

    nice ton have you on board. we are doing some drinking and have watched your video. xx

  • Lee Walton

    Ok great.

    I have no idea why my little iPhone alarm did not go off! I am so embarassed…

    I have been looking forward to this all night.

  • Raygun Lab

    Mornin’ from Australia. Ash here. Thanks for waking up for us. About 15 people here. We love your concept.
    thanks for sharing!

  • Lee Walton

    Your so welcome. I have enjoyed all of this

  • Raygun Lab

    Hi Lee – Grace here – just wondering why you didn’t have anything to declare?

  • Lee Walton

    I wish i could be there to raise a glass with you all

    I would be raising a coffee!@

    Hi Grace.

    That is a great question. Its so funny you ask that.

    This same question crossed my mind when I first held the deck of declarations in my hand.

    It kinda hit me… that I had nothing to do on Nov. 1

    I sort of laughed to myself, because that is the kind of thing I would do


    I guess i was just putting my anticipation towards the orchestration of the entire piece.

    Its like a chef that sort of nibbles all night long but never really gets to try the soup!

    He just sort of watches everybody else eat.

  • Raygun Lab

    i like that.

    holding the cards in my hand i wish i had something to declare as well.

  • Lee Walton

    Yesterday, I did make an effort to have buscuits and gravy with a a cup of coffee at a diner I like.

  • Raygun Lab

    it’s a very beautiful idea

    buscuits and gravy?

  • Lee Walton

    Thank you. Yes, holding the cards make you want to declare and experience something!

    biscuits, gravy, sausage hot coffee with tabasco.

    That is my favorite. Its a bit more spectacular than necessary! But it works for me.

    Is anyone there that declared an experience?

  • Raygun Lab


  • Raygun Lab

    it’s interesting knowing some of the people that have declared and imagining them doing whatever act they have said they would do.

    and the people you don’t know as well.

  • Lee Walton

    Yeah. a feel the same way.

    WIth this project I am questioning documentation a bit.

    We always share documentation after we do things –

    I wanted to reverse that.

    This way, when you are actually doing the thing – you don’t need to fuss with cameras or anything.

    You can just “walk to work” or “have tea”

    I think sometimes that ART can get in our way.

  • Raygun Lab

    yes exactly. it all had such an instancy about it.
    really beautiful

    but even though art can get in the way, we still were able to share a visual. a global language

  • Lee Walton


    I don’t mean to sound cynical with the art getting in the way bit.

    Its just something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

  • Raygun Lab

    no i understand what you’re saying

  • Lee Walton

    I want art to take or push me somewhere.

    hopefuly somewhere new.

  • Raygun Lab

    what do you mean by reversing how it was done? like staging the event for the purpose of taking a photo?

  • Lee Walton

    to do that – I wonder if it needs to be behind you?

    Staging is a nice idea.

    Staging seems to connect with artificial.

  • Raygun Lab

    well it’s like that saying ‘ “every time i’ve not done something, nothing gets done”. maybe?

  • Lee Walton

    I dont mind articifical.

  • Raygun Lab

    i think the idea of staging changes the purpose of doing the act though. do you think?

  • Lee Walton

    “Not done something nothing gets done!”

    I like the idea of creating a situation.

    giving something some formality.

    something that normally would not have it.

    So, we make a concious effort to “define” or “declare” something that otherwise would be just everyday life.

    I think a lot of “art” already has this declared form.

  • Raygun Lab

    sorry to cut this short Lee – lovely to chat to you. Thanks for taking the time at such a odd hour for you.

  • Lee Walton

    Ali, Tarn and Raygun and all of the participants = = == = = THANK YOU!

    this has been a real blast.

    I am still confused about my iPhone alarm. I need to check on that…

    Again, enjoy the night. I wish you al well and am very thankfuil.

  • Raygun Lab

    it has been!! loved it! thanks for waking up.. we’re all heading to the next opening…. it was perfect timing. no worries at all.

    thanks Lee, speak soon!

  • Lee Walton

    Yes, speak soon!

  • Raygun Lab

    people loved the project

  • Lee Walton

    awesome. my pleasure. I was so thrilled with everybody’s enthusiuam and declration.

    beautiful people!

    have fun!

  • Raygun Lab

    xx A & T thank you Lee xx

  • Lee Walton

    XX! bye for now.

    have some laughs. Talk soon 🙂:)

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