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Devon’s Blog

Due to the nature of Devon’s work being transitory, her blog is an important element of the working process. It contains photographs that Devon is taking continuously that document the changing space she is working in. If one was to visit the space 5 times a day it would be different each time. The work is made, installed and changed/expanded extremely quickly.

Documentation of work of this nature can be problematic. The photographs found in the blog cannot be shown individually because this changes the materiality of the physical work, and premise of the work as a changing environment. One might think that to watch Devon working in the space could be helpful, however this can not be, because the work then becomes a performance. Similarly, showing the photographs separately or in addition to the installed work is not possible because this neglects the materiality and environment the work creates.

The opening of Devon’s residency included the images taken for documentation projected onto the wall in a loop, which allowed an understanding of the changing nature of the space/environment. The RAYGUN directors spoke with Devon about  the work, and she explained the nature of her process.

A publication will be made at the end of Devon’s residency which will include all of these working images, allowing them to exist not as an installation or in a publication that documents the residency, which is a similar system to the blog.

The following images are taken from the blog which can be found here
IMG_5394 IMG_5397 IMG_5403 IMG_5418 IMG_5493 IMG_5532 IMG_5536

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