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We are looking forward to hosting the Creative Summit this October. It’s exciting to see RAYGUN, Toowoomba, Australia added to the list of different cities and countries who will be streaming live. The Creative Summit web site is being constantly updated now with details of schedules, presentations and speakers. If you happen to be in Toowoomba town on October 25th and 26th, we will be streaming the event live from New York on both nights. Stay tuned for more info and in the mean time check out their site.

About The Creative Time Summit

In a moment when social movements are erupting around the world, artists are raising their voices to speak truth to power. At Creative Time, we believe that artists are change agents—that they have the ability to affect society for the better.

Every year at the Creative Time Summit, the most innovative artists, activists, critics, writers, and curators come together in New York to engage with one another and a global audience about how they are attempting to change our world in unprecedented ways. Participants range from art world luminaries and rural community organizers to international activists—from Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn and hip-hop DJs-turned-prison reform advocates in Appalachia to the notorious custodians of women’s reproductive rights, Women on Waves.

Called “visionary” by The New York Times, the Creative Time Summit is the only conference of its kind, devoted to exploring the intersection of art-making and social justice. It is a forum for the expanding global network of people who believe in the power of artists to make real social change. Since its inception in 2009, the Summit has engaged 4,000 live audience members and a remote Livestream audience of over 30,000.

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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.

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