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Lukas Richarz – Ritual

Last night Lukas Richarz’s show ‘Ritual’ opened. It was a fabulous show. The work dealt with the physical act of the ritual, and the idea of ‘ritual’; exploring various outcomes, or individual artworks, which combined, exist as an overall idea. Richarz explains that the artist’s idea, which may initially be cryptic, undergoes a process that allows this idea to become accessible, allowing the visitors to the gallery the opportunity to attach their own story to the work.
Richarz believes everything is related to ritual, and links this to the making process, which for him is especially a ritual. Richarz, when making his work, goes through a physical process explaining how, from an idea, he is able to turn his work into a
physical outcome. Richarz first creates a print, which is in itself created by a ritualistic or systematic process using specific technique. The second phase he engages in, is a further exploration of the idea, that occurs through the construction of a sculpture, or in-between moment, used as a process to reach the final outcome or artwork. This sculptural work is able to be participated in by the
audience or visitor to the gallery, the sculpture creates a repetitive movement, which is again about the idea of ritual. The final outcome
is a drawing, which is a succession of lines, again engaging in a ritualistic process during its construction.

Each of these aesthetically beautiful works when positioned together deals with the idea of ‘Ritual’.

Loved it, Thanks Lukas.

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