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There’s one thing to be excited by the expectation of a new book arriving in the post, it’s a combination of the heightened senses, a moment of wonder at what new experiences may arrive from the minds of the author, the visual and tactile surprises of the book as object and of course the smell! But it’s another to have your own ARI (RAYGUN) mentioned/supported within the pages.

Here is our new book Ecologies of Invention, edited by Brad Buckley, John Conomos and Andy Dong, Sydney University Press, 2013. A book about inventiveness, borne out of aesthetic ambition and how this impacts on and changes our culture and society.  Brad Buckley and John Conomos’ essay The Artist Run Initiative: An Agent That Blurs The Studio, Laboratory and Exhibition Space, Creating a Site For Inventiveness, talks of the necessity of the Artist Run Initiative, (opposed from the commercial site/gallery) as being a space or ‘white cube’ for recent graduates and artists to exhibit, allowing for a broader degree of innovation and experimentation.

Thank you Brad.


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