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Falling Back To Earth is an exhibition on show now at the Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane.

The show really has to be visited to be experienced so I hope the images can suggest the intentions of Cai’s first solo show at GOMA. The work is about humanity’s relationship with nature which is inspired by the unique landscapes of Queensland and Chinese Literati painting and poetry. The works in the exhibition reflect on the idea of coming full circle – of working through competing aspects of human nature, as well as the obstacles we face in our relationships with our environment and each other, now and into the future. To be a spectator of these installations allows for a space to reflect and contemplate our humanity and existence within the simple cycle of life. The wolves for Cai are monumental in that they are so completely loyal and never give up. Here they are seen to be leaping into a glass wall (99 of them, his favourite number) which is a metaphor for the Berlin wall and the idea of persistence and determination to continue in the face of adversity. Enjoy.

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