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THANK YOU Creative Partnerships Australia

Since our previous post in regards to RAYGUN’s support from Creative Partnerships Australia, each of the 3 Pozible campaigns have reached their target before the deadline.

All MOP members from Sydney will be visiting Toowoomba for their show in August

Anna McMahon will be showing in New York and RAYGUN, Toowoomba before Christmas

Tarn McLean will be travelling to San Francisco to be a part of a painting exhibition

17 Artist Run spaces across Australia were invited to be a part of this very generous initiative and RAYGUN is super grateful to be one of the successful recipients. Thank you to the MATCH Campaign and Creative Partnerships Australia for offering RAYGUN this opportunity, as well as Matt Cox who worked closely on this project and offered calming, consistent and full-time support with this. All projects will be documented on the lab here as they take shape throughout the year and come to completion. And finally to those who dug in to their pockets – thanks for you support. x  

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