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What’s on show at RAYGUN in Toowoomba and beyond for 2015

Here’s a snapshot of our upcoming 2015 calendar and also around the country, thanks to BLOUIN ARTINFO


February – Peter Holm – Denmark. Visiting Toowoomba and Sydney

March – John Rubin – USA. Visiting via SKYPE

March – PaintingOnTopOfItself – MOP Projects, Sydney

April – Audra Wolowiec – USA Visiting Toowoomba (See posts for details)

May – Sal Randolph and Graham Burnett – USA Visiting Toowoomba

June – Olivier Mosset – USA

July – Exchange with West More West, Blue Mountains New South Wales – Reductive Painting

August – Jason McSweeney – Western Australia Visiting Toowoomba

September – Matthew Deleget – USA Visiting Toowoomba

October – Eva Koch – Denmark. Visiting RAYGUN Toowoomba and Dogwood Crossing Miles, Australia

November – John Rubin – Visiting via SKYPE

December – Justin Andrews – Melbourne Visiting Toowoomba

And around the country…

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