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MAP Blue Mountains and WEST Projects

Check out this dynamic space in the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) in New South Wales run by Billy Gruner, Sarah Breen Lovett, Miriam Williamson and Mike Myers. Theres not much that isn’t going on here but mostly we love their commitment to modern art projects and the crazy awesome architecture that consistently features in and around the space’s discourse. They also are in collaboration with REFLEX wall painting project here in Toowoomba. Today we received these super informative catalogues in the post. Thanks Sarah Breen for taking the time to put them together and thanks Billy for collaborating with REFLEX (as well as some of RAYGUN’s) artists.

Check them out.

Modern Art Projects (MAP) is a social and cultural engagement program designed to explore the nexus of art and architecture via a broad inter disciplinary field.

MAP has been established as a not for profit incorporated association to co-ordinate programs in a broad range of cultural activities including a multiplicity of contemporary artistic practices, writings on art and culture and the archiving of local histories.

The lead curators and coordinators of MAPs founding contemporary art group include Billy Gruner, Sarah Keighery, Sarah Breen Lovett, Nikki Walkerden, Miriam Williamson and Mike Myers all associated with the Blue Mountains region in NSW, Australia.

MAP is a not for profit program with partner organisations both locally and internationally.

MAP has curated a series of public and private event-based curation of contemporary art placed in unique domestic architecture and grounds. These one-day only, “Art & Architecture” open house projects are made possible by owners generously opening private spaces for public engagements.

The MAP “Art & Architecture” project is supported by The Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust Cultural Grants Program 2013 & 2014. This support is matched by the generosity of the arts community in the spectacular region of the Blue Mountains.


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