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We’re loving this out of the ordinary art space The Suburban in Oak Park, Illinois.

Run by artists Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam, we love that it exists away from the limelight and that they invite the people who inform their own practices. Heres an interview response by Michelle on the idea of its purpose. Check it out.

When we moved to Oak Park in 1997, the property we purchased had this odd little out-building attached to the garage. We initially used it as a garden shed, a place to park the lawn mower. Yet despite its diminutive size, we thought that it would be better served if we employed the building as an artist’s project space. It is important to say that this kind of thinking — bringing the contemporary art world to us — was not a new adventure. Before moving to Oak Park, we were living in Milwaukee, where we organized several exhibitions and enlisted artists and writers from around the globe to participate in our exploits. Why not invite Tracey Emins, Jan Tumlir, and Elmgreen + Dragset to participate in our projects? Their interest and participation encouraged us to work with artists we thought were compelling instead of convenient.


The Suburban with exterior wall painting by Lars Bauer, 2009

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