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Danish Curator Louise Lassen Iversen visiting Toowoomba

In February Danish curator Louise Lassen Iversen is visiting Toowoomba, Melbourne and Sydney. Louise will pursue a dialogue surrounding self organised spaces/arts organisations in each city. On Friday night February 5th at 6pm RAYGUN will host a dinner/discussion surrounding the self-organised arts organisation.

From Louise:

‘Over the past five years I have worked as a curator within the artist- and curator run scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. This has been a deliberate choice because these are institutions, spaces and forums with flexible and loose structures that can be subjected to change. To me this holds the potential for a criticality that bigger, more established institutions like museums or art galleries cannot accommodate – not that established institutions lack criticality, however their structures are more fixed and to a greater extent founded in traditions of exhibition-making. What informs and guides my curatorial practice is being aware of and critical towards the way art is contextualized, what kind of art is being presented to a public, how it is presented and question why or ask whether this can be done differently.

So far most of my projects have been based on working closely with others over a longer period of time, sharing knowledge, co-producing and trying to think about and present art in ways that can be perceived as critical and founded in theoretical discussions. An example is the exhibition TESTER TESTER from 2014, a collaboration between four exhibition spaces and 11 artists. With this exhibition we looked at the afterlife of site- and context specific art works that often end up being represented through some kind of photo documentation. TESTER TESTER returned to the materiality of the artworks but not necessarily their original form. It was based on a curiosity towards the consequences of such an act: what would it take away from the artworks and what could they gain?


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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.

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