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An interesting exhibition currently under way at Prince Gallery in Copenhagen by artist Kristoffer Orum. If you’re in the neighbourhood go and  Check it out

The exhibition presents materials pertaining to the exploits of a fictional subculture: A series of hand made versions of everyday foods such as milk, pasta or watermelons, embedded with Wi-Fi transmitters. As well as five video interviews with what appears to be anonymous members of the subculture that made these objects. Drawing on inspiration from hackers, Soviet Nonconformist Art and sub cultural theory the show imagines a subculture that uses wireless networks to establish zones of exception within the everyday.


Text from the show
I stare at the little plastic box in my window stilt that weaves my most intimate communications into the vibrating layers of wireless networks that fill most of the public spaces of the city I inhabit. Nano vibrations that heat up the city streets, making room for new animal species and plants. An invisible metronome setting the pace of those walking in the street, hearts pumping in sync with the ebbs and flows of radio waves.

As I sit there surrounded by invisible objects and phenomena. Things that, over time, have become so familiar to me, that I have stopped registering their existence. I wonder how I can track these invisible objects down, how I might once again, flush them out into the open and make them visible to me again ?

I access a random open wireless network, to Google something or other. But all that I manage to access is a single line of text that twists its way across the screen: “Hello, fellow Citizen. Let the yourself become invisible, a non virulent algae bloom in the sea of, a weird religion or an intense and all-consuming hobby network. Together we can steer the development of our host society in a less stable direction, without becoming dominant. ”

As night falls the unchanging blueish light from the screen keeps my body thinking that it is daytime, and objects around me start to emanate wireless signals. The stool that I am sitting on broadcasts disinformation and the watermelon on the table floods the neighbourhood with hundreds of fictitious wireless networks. In the kitchen some leftover pasta from last night is broadcasting a modified version of the Internet and I wonder who might be on the receiving end of these signals.
Kristoffer Ørum (b. 1975) is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and organiser based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His physical, digital and performative work creates new associations for familiar objects and phenomena.

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