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It was our pleasure to spend the weekend with the Ghosts of Nothing, Sean Lowry and Ilmar Taimre and their crew, who together climbed table top mountain to film a performance. The project is an addition to their world tour that started in 2014 and will conclude in 2018. We can’t wait to see the entire body of works, filmed in locations around the world including abandoned music venues, gaol houses and remote wilderness sanctuaries, including our very own Tabletop Mountain. We loved our weekend spending time with this lot and are super charged for their 2018 return and grand finale.

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The Ghosts of Nothing, “Children of the Moon (feat. Coleman Grehan)”

Performance at 12.00 midday (sharp), September 3, 2016. Tabletop Mountain (summit), Toowoomba, QLD, Australia (as part of In Memory of Johnny B. Goode: World Tour 2014-2017)

The Ghosts of Nothing are an artistic collaboration between Sean Lowry and Ilmar Taimre. They are currently mid-way through a “world tour” consisting mime-based performances within the conceptual architecture of a “rock opera” titled In Memory of Johnny B. Goode, which has been remedialised as a “play” in three acts:


  1. World Tour of Abandoned Music Venues 2014-2015
  2. World Tour of Remote Wildernesses 2015-2016
  3. World Tour of Abandoned Gaol-Houses 2016-2017

As part of Act 2 (World Tour of Remote Wildernesses), The Ghosts of Nothing are coming to Toowoomba for a short performance at precisely 12.oo midday featuring Brisbane-based performer Coleman Grehan.


The Ghosts of Nothing seek to illustrate that the omnivorous voraciousness inherent in the world of a work of art is also evident in the world of a rock band. From trashed motel rooms to legendary music venues and fictional mythologies, the conceptual complex of a rock band is capable of accommodating an entire universe of non-musical objects, events and places. Within this project, a pseudo-rock band becomes a conceptual vehicle through which activities performed by a diverse range of perceptual objects (including embodied events) enable the work to be experienced and conceived of as coterminous with its own constantly evolving world—a world of material/immaterial relationships, intermedial translations, deliberate mistranslations, and accidents of circumstance.



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