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Lynne Harlow thoughts on Practice

We have been lucky enough to continue dialogue with Lynne during her month at RAYGUN; asking questions like where she’s at right now in her practice and what influences she is currently paying attention to. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words with us Lynne.

I find that right now, both in relation to Rocket and more broadly, I’m thinking about movement. And the intersection of movement and visual information. The body navigating space, having a relational experience with its surroundings. It’s the most basic experience any of us can have, and it more or less defines our being.

Whenever I come back to thinking about movement, which happens fairly often, I always come back to a contemporary dance piece that never fails to unglue me. In the Upper Room by Twyla Tharp. While I’m not a choreographer, and I don’t aim to be, this dance piece continues to guide and inform my thinking about movement in my installations. I can’t get enough of this excerpt from the piece:

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