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OTHERSIGHT Opens March 23

OTHERSIGHT is curated by David Usher and Features the work of Nerrida Tupas and Rachel Gillam. The work is made by the two artists focussing on the dicotomy between the natural and constructed world.


Interview with Rachel Gillam

1. As a practicing artist what are the issues\concerns you have been consistently addressing within your artwork?

Most recently my work stems from my own feelings and thoughts about the world we live in. I like to reflect upon my surroundings and the effect they have on me. I am constantly assesing my thoughts and feelings; to make artwork which makes me feel happy is very important to me.
2. Do you classify your art as being one thing more than the other e.g. photography, film, painting, sculpture, music or installation and do you see an expansion into other mediums in the future?

I think my creativity comes in all forms, but the work I find most appealing and relevant to my art takes its form in photography.

3. When you think about making new work do you always consider applying a degree of historical content or do the works weigh more heavily towards a more personal investigation?

Personal investigation has always driven my work. It’s something I do even when I’m not making work. I’m constantly questioning myself, my feelings, my thoughts. To make something visual from my unseen thoughts is therapeutic. 

4. When you look back through this body of work do you see any answers unfolding within this investigation?

Yes. Because my work is so personal to me I become immersed in the making process. As soon as I see the work laid out in front of me it is as if my thoughts are sitting in front of me, ready to be read and interpreted. As I am constantly questioning myself having a visual interpretation of my thoughts in front of me is just one more method of giving myself answers.




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