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Uffe Holm is a visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen in 2007, and has since then exhibited in solo and group shows in Denmark. The Plastic Snowdrop at RAYGUN, Toowoomba, will be his first show abroad. Holm has been a member of the Copenhagen artist-run project space Toves Galleri, situated in the run-down shopping mall by the same name, since its start in 2010, and here he has arranged shows with local and international artists – all with an emphasis on experimenting with the exhibition format.




Artist Statement



Usually I imagine my artistic practice as a soaring flight through a cultural landscape, light as a feather and with an eagle eye for the detail, but in reality I fill up my studio with all kinds of clunky objects, destined for this or that yet unrealised project. I collect these objects as I collect information through my research, in a non-linear way, an associative research gone haywire, where the aesthetics of the projects starts rhyming, multiplying and morphing, leaving a specific meaning behind and making sense as nonsense.


Like a poem.


Which is probably not far from the truth. I started out writing poetry, and was wanting to be a poet, before I found myself in art school, and even though the verses and strophes has disappeared, the approach and the structure is still the same. Every situation is an occasion for a poem, and I think I carried this sensitivity with me, and have become very context-aware, both of the given space, or situation, but also of the internal relations between the works in a show. That’s why each of my shows has their own look. They are collections of poetry-structured works based on found objects and the processes they go through to become works of art.



Uffe Holm, Copenhagen, March 2012





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RAYGUN PROJECTS is an artist run initiative run by artists Alexandra Lawson and Tarn McLean located in the CBD of Toowoomba, Australia. 2011-2018.

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