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Sarah Martin – Meeting Expectations


Sarah Martin showed with RAYGUN last September, in the skype conversation we had with Sarah about her exhibition and work she spoke about the project ‘Meeting Expectations’. The project is documented on her website which includes fascinating descriptions by the men Sarah has contacted regarding their perfect partner, with descriptions of a situation or role which Sarah then constructs. 

Here’s her description of the project:

Part One

On the eve of my sixteenth post-college break up, I decided to heed the advice of my family and married friends; I should meet a nice Christian man. This advice is most strange to me because I do not consider myself a Christian (and have not for over a decade) and secondly, what would be the difference of dating a Christian vs. non-Christian at this point in my life?


I emailed and messaged the few single Christian men I knew, I joined three Christian dating websites and even went to a Christian Singles mixer in town. I asked the men what they desired in a woman, what expectations did they have and how did I (or could I) fit that expectation?


Seeing myself through their eyes was humbling and frustrating. The truth is that I am undesirable for most because I am getting to old to have multiple children, I have been divorced, I have tattoos, I am too independent and I am not petite.

I find this investigation to be especially enlightening in 2012 as I watch Republican candidates discuss family values, birth control and the church’s role in school and government.

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